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Post-game awards: Tennessee Volunteers vs. Vanderbilt Commodores

Best are-we-sure-they're-not-conjoined-twins. Cody and Cory Sullins, who were both named the scholar athlete of the week and were pictured together for the sponsored award. They play next to each other on the line, right? Is anyone certain that this is not the case?

Best word for the seniors. Kiffin telling the seniors, specifically Rico McCoy, on Friday night not to say that they hadn't won any championships for the Volunteers because of their contribution to the foundation upon which championships will be built in the near future.

Best start, offense. Lane's guys, who went 60 yards in 7 plays to put 7 on the board on its first series.

Best start, defense. Monte's guys, who forced Vandy into a three and out on its first series.


Best bounty hunter. James Wilhoit, G.A., who, upon being told by Kiffin to go find a place kicker with eligibility, found Devin Mathis, who'd played in a junior varsity game here awhile ago but had only recently returned to Tennessee after studying in Mexico.

Best debut. Mathis, who not only kicked the ball over the scrimmage line, but through the uprights for three points on Tennessee's second possession.

Best TFL. Chris Walker, who graduated from Unblockable to Untouchable, blew through the line unscathed, and swallowed Vandy's running back as soon as he had gotten the handoff, driving the Commodores back to their own two yard line.

Best sarcasm, I. Kiffin, who said of the first pass interference penalty on the Vols, "I thought the refs did a great job all night long, and I'm sure that was a penalty on me, on us right there."

Best drive. Jonathan Crompton, Luke Stocker, and the Volunteer offense, who closed the first half with a 4-play, 61-yard touchdown drive in 30 seconds.

Best catch. Luke Stocker, who closed the Best Drive with an outstanding nab in the end zone, leaping backwards, snatching the ball out of the stratosphere, and securing the thing even as he landed flat on his back in the checkerboards.

Worst timing. David Oku, who turned a catchable pass from Crompton into a tip drill in the third quarter, giving Vandy an interception and denying Crompton's bid for the record of pass attempts without interceptions two shy of Casey Clausen's 143.

Worst news. Linebacker Greg King is out for the season with some sort of cracked bone injury, which I think makes McCoy and Shane Reveiz our only remaining linebackers on the roster. I supposed I should clarify that that's exaggeration, because it's close enough to being the truth that it could be mistaken for fact.

Most insufficient sarcasm. Kiffin, on the second pass interference call to deny the Vols an interception in the end zone, who breathed an audible sigh into his lavaliere, said, "I thought that was a great call by the ref throwing the pass interference there. I'm sure that we were at fault . . ." but then said to Bob Kesling, "You can say whatever you want. He can't fine you. Don't worry. Go ahead. Say what I wanna."

Best tag team hit. Stephaun Raines and Reveiz, on 2nd and goal down by 11 early in the 4th. Raines sent Warren Norman, who'd just hauled in a screen pass, head over heels and into the torpedoing Reveiz.

Best sack. Wes Brown, on the very next play, who threw off the blocker, closed in on the QB, and, just when you'd thought the QB had escaped, dived and shoestring-sacked him.

Best hands. Bryce Brown, who seized control of the ball on Vandy's onside kick by grabbing it at its highest point and covering it up immediately.

Orange-est blood. Wes Brown, who said the night before the game, "I would rather go to Tennessee and lose every game than go to another school and win every game."

Best revenge. Kiffin, who ended his portion of the Lane Kiffin Show by telling Bob Kesling, "Thanks, Bill," which was retribution for Kesling accidentally calling Lane "Lance" last week.

Best play, offense. See Best Catch above.

Best play, defense. Wes B's Knees.

Player of the game, offense. Montario Hardesty, who rushed 32 times for 171 yards and a touchdown.

Player of the game, defense. Tie between McCoy, who had 15 tackles, and Brown, who only had three tackles, but whose stat sheet includes a nine-yard sack, a nine-yard TFL (same play?), a QB hurry, and the 25-yard pick six.

Add yours below.