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Charges dropped against Janzen Jackson

Multiple outlets, including The Knoxville News-Sentinel (thanks to golfballs03 for fanshooting this), are reporting that all charges against UT freshman Janzen Jackson have been dropped in the attempted armed robbery situation from two weeks ago.

From the KNS story:

"The investigation and careful review of all relevant evidence failed to show ... Ms. Montmarquet or Mr. Jackson has prior knowledge that the attempted robbery was going to take place and were unaware something had occurred until after they pulled out of the Pilot store," according to the DA's statement.

"Therefore, there is an insufficient legal basis to continue a prosecution against them.

No word yet from anyone at the University about what this means for Jackson's status either this Saturday at Kentucky or for Tennessee's upcoming bowl game.  Jackson has been barred from team activities since the incident and hasn't played since the South Carolina game on Halloween, but with the charges dropped, will Jackson become available for the Vols' heavily depleted defense on Saturday?

As always, we'll update the story as information becomes available...