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Around the SB Nation: a numerical justification for HATE


  • In the biggest Civil War in 45 years, Addicted To Quack shows why the Autzen Stadium advantage is a decisive one.
  • California Golden Blogs asks if Shane Vereen might be the better tailback for this offense than Jahvid Best.
  • Corn Nartion reports that ABC's San Antonio affiliate will carry Oprah over the Colorado-Nebraska football game.
  • If CU-Nebraska is Dan Hawkins' last game as head coach, Corn Nation says that he'll miss him.
  • MWC previews BYU-Utah.
  • OBNUG previews Nevada -- the only team left between Boise State and an undefeated season.
  • The Smoking Musket ponders: what kind of car would best represent Mountaineers football?


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