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Vote for the winner of the Tennessee-Kentucky Hail Mary Haiku

Cast your vote for your favorite Hail Mary Haiku below. Those that survived yesterday's whittling are re-published below the jump.

I am twenty three
Never seen a Wildcat win
Vols keep streak alive!

by VolnVA

UT versus ’Cats
For second place in the East?
How long was I out?

by birdjam

Dear Mr. Kiffin,
Want to embrace Tradition?
then beat Kentucky

by Getoffmyvols

B33ting Kenturkey:
ur doin it rite. Our Vols
win at teh victory!!!!11

by bobo_the_vol

what are you saying?
I don’t understand you man
you’re freaking me out

by PdxVol

Eric gets in gear
A Berry, Berry good year
Pick to end zone clear

by ttocswob