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Talking Points: the Kiffin Chimera, player development, and recruiting

  • John Adams makes a fantastic point, observing that the improvement of the offense has come from player development more than freshman contribution. And another gem from Adams:
    You think Georgia and South Carolina fans aren't concerned? If Kiffin and his staff can produce those kind of results in their first year, what can they accomplish with a full complement of their recruits? Recruiting didn't have much to do with UT's victories over the Bulldogs and Gamecocks. The Vols simply played harder and smarter. They also looked better coached.
  • Mike Griffith congratulates himself on good timing, having read Bruce Feldman's Meat Market the week before the South Carolina game. I wonder what that makes having done it nine months ago around National Signing Day. In Mike's defense, there's really no bad time to read Feldman or Meat Market.
  • Doug Dickey approves of the black and calls both Lane Kiffin and Bob Neyland "eccentrics," although on opposite ends of the conservative/aggressive spectrum.
  • The black jerseys that Tennessee wore on Saturday may be auctioned off for charity. Oh, and Bruce Pearl, formerly against the idea, is now considering using black on the rare occasion.
  • Eric Berry is special. Not exactly breaking news, that.
  • Hey, it's not just us, the respectable polls also clearly show that Tennessee is better than its record indicates.
  • Ole Miss. Noon kickoff. That is all.
  • Well, argh. Savion Frazier is indeed out for the season with a torn ACL. 
  • A hearty congratulations to Stonewall Jackson, who's this week's SEC Freshman of the Week.
  • Congrats, too, to Tyler Smith and Wayne Chism for their coaches All-SEC props. Smith was one of six unanimous selections to first team, and Chi$$le was voted onto the second team.