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RTT BlogPoll: Week 9 Final Ballot

"Final" is a bit loosely defined here, as I can still make last-second switches up until tomorrow morning, but here is what will remain pending any 11th hour moves.

Changes from the draft:

  • Penn State down.  That was a fair consensus in the discussion.
  • Arizona down.  Ditto.  Like TCU's bump down earlier in the season, Arizona has plenty of opportunity to prove themselves; their November is brutal.

Team to Consider:  Houston

Houston is determined to break the computers.  Their defensive metrics are putrid, but their offensive ones are world-class.  For example, their Total Offense scores at 3.31 - more than a full standard deviation ahead of Nevada at 2.26.  This late in the season, that's just obscene.  Is their offense that good?  Were the defenses they faced that bad?  I haven't threshed it out yet, but Houston bears watching.  I'd like to wait one week before moving them, simply so that I'm not reacting too reflexively.