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Post-game awards: Tennessee Volunteers at Kentucky Wildcats

Worst ending of a beginning. Jonathan Crompton, who concluded Tennessee's first possession with a pick six.

Best beginning of an ending. Crompton, who, on the very next play, found Gerald Jones for a 30-yard completion on the way to the team's first touchdown.

Best wishful thinking. Lane Kiffin, who said on Sunday that he thought that Luke Stocker would be a preseason All-American next year and that he was looking forward to having him back.

Best dogpile. The Tennessee defense, who piled on, player after player, for Kentucky's first fumble, with Dan Williams trying to pull one Wildcat out of the pile by his right hindpaw. Kiffin explained that they coach this move because it helps the player in the right colored jerseys get to the bottom of the pile.

Best giggle. Kiffin, yes, Kiffin, laughing at the joke he made when Bob Kesling said that Bryce Brown was in the game to give Montario Hardesty a rest. "Yeah. He got a long rest." [giggle, gasp, giggle] We've discovered the reason he doesn't smile; it's a bridge to all-out laughing, and he's been teased for that as a child.

Best turf-planing. Hardesty, on his second touchdown, during which he spent the last five yards parallel to the ground using both feet and one hand to keep his knees from touching the field.

Best idea. Kiffin, for this: "We're not going to allow another screen pass on third down this year. That's gonna be our motto. If we're gonna stop anything, that's gonna be it."

Worst identity crisis. Luke Stocker, who briefly thought he was Reggie Bush and tried to hurdle an upright defender after hauling in a pass and turning it into a 30-yard gain on Tennessee's second possession of the second half.

Best take two. Crompton to Stocker for a touchdown in the middle of the end zone. Just like last week against Vandy, except Stocker didn't have to land flat on his back after catching the thing this time.

Best return to action, I. LaMarcus Thompson, who was carted off the field on a stretcher two games ago, and who helped force Kentucky's second fumble and recovered the loose ball.

Best return to action, II. Janzen Jackson, who picked up a key sack in the second half.

Worst uh-oh. Stocker's fumble as the Vols were trying to milk the rest of the time out of the clock, giving the 'Cats new life with 2:21 to play and only 37 yards to go for a game-winning touchdown.

Play of the game, defense. Dennis Rogan's fighting through a block to tackle Morgan Newton for only a two yard gain when he needed eight for a game-winning touchdown and only five for another four chances.

Play of the game, offense. Hardesty's twenty-yard run through a gaping hole in the line for the overtime, game-winning score.

Best block. Chris Scott, on Hardesty's last score, who locked up on the defender and simply walled him off, keeping him out of that huge hole Hardesty enjoyed running through on his way to the end zone.

Most mystery. Kiffin, who told Kesling that he couldn't say what he said about the winning streak over Kentucky in the locker room after the game, instead opting for "They're a great team. We're excited we won."

Best foreshadowing. Kiffin, who said the focus on recruiting now would be on speed. "We love our guys," he said. "But we need to get faster."

Player of the game, offense. Hardesty, who rushed 39 times for 179 yards and three touchdowns.

Player of the game, defense. Rico McCoy, who had 13 tackles (10 solo) and one forced fumble.

Best stat, I. Hardesty carried the ball 264 times this season without fumbling even once.

Best stat, II. Tennessee finished the regular season 4-1 in the SEC East.

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