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Around the SB Nation: reaction to the weekend's games


  • Black Heart Gold Pants on the talk of Kirk Ferentz to Notre Dame.
  • BCS Evolution breaks down the race for the five top bowls: TCU and Ohio State are in, while five games decide the remaining slots. (Includes the two scenarios by which Cincinnati or TCU could make the national title game.)
  • Block U reports on Max Hall's extreme comments about Utah and their fans, following this year's Holy War, and then declines to accept Hall's apology. Mountain West Connection agrees with Block U: not buying it.
  • Burnt Orange Nation gawks at Vince Young, who is recapturing his legendary magic.
  • If it ever went away, safe to say that Conquest Chronicles is right about USC-UCLA: "The rivalry is back on."
  • Nothing about Notre Dame's loss to Stanford surprised the Rakes of Mallow.