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Lane Kiffin paints Mike Slive into a corner

So after the Alabama game, Lane Kiffin publicly complained about what he considered to be a blown call by the officials (the third in three weeks for three different teams) and said he'll probably get "one of those letters that doesn't mean anything like Bobby Petrino got."

Failing to comprehend from the context of the situation that Kiffin was referring to an apology letter, Mike Slive sent a particularly snippy reprimand letter to Kiffin for publicly criticizing officials, some of whom are on suspension for being particularly bad. Slive then sent a league-wide memo to all coaches informing them that from now on, he'll be skipping the reprimands and going straight to fines and suspensions for publicly criticizing officials.

Last week, Urban Meyer saw the Brandon Spikes eye-gouge that the officials missed and suspended Spikes for half a game against hapless Vanderbilt. He did not send a letter and the tape to Slive complaining about it and did not publicly complain about the officials missing this call.

Meyer then saw a late hit on Tim Tebow by a Georgia defender that the officials missed, and he sent a letter and the tape to Slive and publicly criticized the officials for missing it.

Mike Slive, whatchagonnado? Lane Kiffin is watching and waiting.