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Vote for the winner of the Tennessee-Memphis Hail Mary Haiku

Cast a vote for your favorite Hail Mary Haiku of the week. Those that survived yesterday's rec-whittling are re-published below the jump.

Coach West was a Vol,
so when we pound the Tigers,
make sure to use lube.

by rustytanton

What’s halfway between
The Bobcats and Hilltoppers?
Memphis State beatdown

by Incipient_Senescence

do not look ahead
put it out of reach and play
backups in the fourth

by Hooper

Tyger High! Burning
Bright, Neyland Stadium at
Night. Go Big Orange.

by birdjam

Put on my blue suede
Shoes and I ran into Lane
Volunteers win big

by Getoffmyvols

My first trip to
hallowed Neyland. It’s time for
Berry’s new record

by jacksonian

Hey there Volunteers
Send Tigers back to Graceland
Tails tucked in disgrace

by ChattVol

Memphis Tigers are
More like paper tigers, so
They will be shredded

by VolnVA