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Talking Points: Eric Berry's long goodbye begins

  • The must-read of the day belongs to Wes Rucker, who penned a sort of career-concluding feature of Eric Berry. Most notable is this bit: despite both of his parents having recently lost their jobs to the poor economy and despite the negative impact of a new NFL collective bargaining agreement on returning for his senior season, Berry maintains his decision won't be easy. Probably as in "it's not easy to say goodbye." Berry, by the way, didn't win the Lott Trophy, but Lane Kiffin's calling his trip to California for the ceremony a recruiting victory.
  • We'll start looking more closely at Virginia Tech shortly, but do we really need stats or extensive analysis to know that special teams is going to be key? Virginia Tech's? Excellent. Tennessee's? Not in the neighborhood of excellent. Eddie Gran, UT special teams coach? Gone to FSU.
  • Those Vols who were home for Christmas and bowl season last year are using the memory as motivation to get through some pretty daunting practices this week.
  • The Lady Vols beat Rutgers 68-54 yesterday behind Shekinna Strickland's 19 points.