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Tennessee vs. Wyoming Preview

We've exchanged questions about tonight's Tennessee/Wyoming matchup (7:00 PM ESPNU) with The Road, who writes for SBN's Mountain West Connection as well as Wyoming blog Cowboy Altitude, where you can find our responses to the same questions.  Here's his take on the Cowboys:

#1. What players should we watch out for on Tuesday night for the Cowboys? Who is underrated?

Afam Muojeke is the leading scorer on the team with 16 points a game and was named Mountain West Freshman of the Year last year.  Muojeke has missed three games earlier this season with a knee injury but should play on Tuesday.   Adam Waddell leads the team with 6 rebounds a game despite coming off the bench.  Freshman Desmar Jackson is probably the most underrated player: 8 pts a game in just 15 minutes playing backup PG and SG. 

#2. What has been the most impressive win of the season so far?

The win last Saturday over Northern Colorado was the most complete game of the year so far for the Cowboys.  They've now won three in a row and the team chemistry seems to be coming together.  With an RPI of 296 Wyoming has not faced a tough schedule.  The loss of Muojeke for three games meant a couple close games went down as losses.

#3. How far can Wyoming go this season in the MWC and tournament?

Most likely Wyoming would play the role of spoiler in the Mountain West tournament.  This is a young team with only one senior on the roster.  The starting five consists of four sophomores and one junior.  The Mountain West will be incredibly competitive this year.  UNLV and New Mexico are off to great starts this season and San Diego State and BYU are always dangerous.

#4. What is one area of weakness for the Cowboys?

Three point shooting is by far the biggest weakness for this team.  Despite shooting just .213 from long range the Cowboys continue to try and score from 3 point land.  The Cowboys have made only 29 three pointers this year and Senior Ryan Dermody leads with 12.

#5. What is the typical offensive game plan for the Cowboys?

Since they've had a hard time making shots from the field the Pokes try and find a way to get to the free throw line. The Cowboys lead Division 1 basketball in free throws made with 234 while playing in only 9 games.  They are third in attempts with 316 and have made 74% of their shots from the charity stripe. 

On defense the Cowboys will pull out a half court press fairly often that has created lots of turnovers. SG A.J. Davis leads the team with 2.4 steals per contest followed PG Jaydee Luster at 2.1.