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Talking Points: Bruce Pearl wants you at the Wyoming game tonight

  • Bruce Pearl turned back into a carnival barker (we love that about him) at a recent press conference, urging fans to buy tickets to the Wyoming game.
    This will be as exciting of a game as we've had all year. Wyoming turns people over 21 times a game, and they absolutely will not mind running with us.
    Oddly, they're not only runners, they're big, too: 7'2" center and 6'10" power forward. Oh, and they make more free throws than anyone in the country. So yeah, it could be a good game. Let's just hope it's not on CSS. Will's got a preview coming at 10:00 this morning.
  • Senior J.P. Prince is handling the insertion of sophomore Cameron Tatum into the starting lineup over him quite well ($?), thank you.
  • Didja know that Tyler Smith is second in the nation in assist to turnover ratio? Bruce Pearl says that's what the point forward position is all about and that Smith and Dane Bradshaw have/had it figured out.
  • Speaking of Will, he's joined by John Adams today in identifying that 12/17/05 game against Texas in Austin as a defining moment in the Bruce Pearl Era.
  • Lane Kiffin says he, his staff, and the team are not distracted by the recent reports of NCAA investigations and such. What he didn't add but should have is that it's no thanks to the media who keep reporting the same story with no new developments every day. No, the Chimera is working overtime, weekends and all, in an attempt to close a bunch of potential mid-term recruits.
  • 3SiB compares Lane Kiffin to Michael Corleone.
  • For those like me who don't follow the NFL, you may be surprised to find that Arian Foster carried the ball 13 times for 34 yards and caught four passes for 54 yards for the Houston Texans this past weekend. I didn't even know he'd been picked up, so good for him.