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Talking Points: Tennessee lures Kippy Brown back home

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  • Lane Kiffin has called the hiring of Kippy Brown as the Vols' receivers coach and passing game coordinator not just a home run but a grand slam. Brown was Kiffin's Red Ryder BB Gun this Christmas, and he got just what he wanted. I loved Frank Wilson, but this has to be considered an upgrade. The only concern is recruiting -- due to Brown coming from the NFL -- but he's done it before and done it well. During an earlier stint at Tennessee, Brown coached Tim McGee, Alvin Harper, and one Carl Pickens, and those three gave UT the nickname "Wide Receiver U." ($?) Harper says that he learned more at UT than he learned in the pros, all because of Kippy. Welcome home, coach Brown.
  • Huh. So how many secondary violations does Georgia have over the past year? Six? Really? Why haven't we heard about this until now? I thought the "New York Times" (I suggest all Tennessee fans use the quotes when referring to them -- they're no longer who they claim to be) cared about this stuff. Or do they just like to imply that college girls are prostitutes to sell papers and lure traffic? Huh. (HT: 3SiB.)
  • Yes, Lane Kiffin was kidding when he identified "following the rules" as the biggest challenge in college football. But rival fans and ostensibly objective journalists won't care. He admitted he doesn't know the rules!
  • UT will return to the practice field today for the first time since Sunday. And in the time-honored tradition of Lane Kiffin fiddling with the calendar, today will be Tuesday of game week, which makes this Friday Competition Tuesday. And we'll have a game week next week, too.  
  • Didja know . . . that Frank Beamer will be the second most-tenured coach behind Joe Paterno after Bobby Bowden retires this season? The natives are patient in Blacksburg.
  • There are no new details this morning on Lane Kiffin's dismissal of Brent Vinson from the team. Vol fans will remember that Vinson was a witness to a shooting back in May and that he had academic and buy-in problems when Kiffin first arrived, but no one's given any official reason for his dismissal so far. There are rumors, of course -- there are always rumors -- but I have not seen confirmation from any cite-worthy source. I imagine the "New York Times" will let us know the day before the bowl game.
  • Bruce Pearl's Vols are 1-5 in games in which they score less than 70 points ($?). USC will play at a rainy Sunday snail's pace tomorrow. The stage has been set. Action! (What does the director yell to begin filming a scene in which the actor is sleeping? Hmm.)