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Talking Points: Tennessee to host ETSU this evening

  • Will will have the ETSU preview at 10:00, but until then: don't fall asleep on the Buccaneers. They just beat Arkansas using a style very similar to ours, and they were ahead by six in the second half against us the last time they were here.
  • Bruce Pearl is having trouble deciding on a starter at small forward ($?) saying that J.P. Prince and Cameron Tatum "both play better coming off the bench."
  • This story about Brian Williams is yet another about him losing still more weight, but what got me to click through the RSS reader was the opening paragraph that described him actually dunking the ball during practice. 
  • Funny how it works this way, but if you want to do your part to increase the chances at an arguably more prestigious bowl next season, you have to buy tickets to this one. Fortunately for us, as Will pointed out yesterday, this year's arguably less-prestigious bowl features a more prestigious match up, so it doesn't call for a sacrifice. The only way to prove to bowl reps that we'll travel well is to actually travel well.
  • Lane Kiffin took another shot at Urban Meyer yesterday on the radio, responding to a question about who he likes in the SEC Championship Game by saying, "Florida has better players; Alabama has better coaches."
  • Speaking of the SECCG, Tim Tebow has won 22 consecutive games as a starting quarterback for the Gators, and Greg McElroy has won 28 games in a row in his career as a starting QB. One of those streaks will end Saturday. For which are you hoping?

Later today on RTT:

  • 10:00 -- Tennessee vs. ETSU game preview
  • 12:00 -- Around the SB Nation
  • 6:00 -- Tennessee vs. ETSU game thread (Tipoff at 7:00)