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Post-Christmas Bowl Games: Open Thread

So far, this bowl season has gone as expected:  those teams with more desire have been winning.  As a small school, Wyoming was simply happy to be in a bowl game for a change (as was Southern Methodist).  Central Florida didn't appear thrilled to be effectively home for their bowl game.  BYU and Utah clearly played with a BCS chip on their shoulder.  And as I write this, both Marshall and Ohio are their  own worst enemies as the one who wills their way through their own mistakes will undoubtedly win.

Later today, it'll be a disappointed Pittsburgh against a North Carolina squad that'll undoubtedly use the underrated meme.  Upset, perhaps?  Then, a humbled USC squad will play another overlooked team in Boston College.  If the previous games are indicators, we may see both Pitt and USC get knocked off today.

Either way, the bowl season is the football equivalent of a massive pub crawl through the holiday season, culminating in the hangover bowls of the BCS.  We overload our addictions and saturate our minds with daily games until we fall of the cliff into the abyss of the offseason.

So it's only fitting to keep some open threads running through the stretch.  As is usual with non-UT games, consider this informal.  We're all football fans, so enjoy.