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Talking Points: Chick-Fil-A to host the Bristol Bowl everyone wanted

  • The Tennessee-Virginia Tech matchup in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl is a bit of consolation for the failed Bristol Bowl, which would have pit the two teams against each other at the 160,000-seat Bristol Motor Speedway. Apparently, the Bristol Bowl mostly died when someone recently made some changes to the infield that were not conducive to playing football on it, but the schools have continued to talk about the idea as recently as a couple of months ago. Unfortunately, the two teams' schedules are full for the next ten years or so, so it ain't gonna happen for at least a decade. Fortunately, the matchup matters more than the seat count, and the Chick-Fil-A was savvy enough to see that and seize the opportunity when it arose. Will, who's uniquely positioned to address all facets of this game, is skipping around his living room like a kid at Christmas, and he's already stockpiling posts for the next three weeks. The first look goes live in . . . four minutes.
  • So yeah, the SEC got a record 10 teams into bowls this season. The full bowl schedule is here.
  • When a member of the Tennessee football staff goes into a living room to recruit a player, he doesn't just bring a smile and a handshake, he brings an easel and whiteboard.
  • Check out Tennessee's free throw drill, designed to simulate real-game pressure. Oh, and Mike Griffith, after watching the Kentucky-North Carolina game Saturday, says that the Vols are a distant second to the Wildcats. I'm afraid I'll have to agree with him at this point.
  • The Lady Vols beat Texas last night, 78-58.