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Talking points: woo for hardwood logjams edition


  • The name of the game now for the basketball Vols, if they want to go dancing in March, is to climb its way as far as possible to the top of the totem pole in the SEC. The Vols can, with a win tonight against Georgia, get into a four-way tie in the SEC East with games remaining against Vanderbilt, Mississippi, Kentucky, Mississippi State, Florida, South Carolina, and Alabama. And no, the Vols are not taking Georgia tonight lightly. After all, if they play the way they did against Auburn (sidenote: did you realize that the Vols gave up five (five!) rebounds on Auburn's missed free throws?), they could indeed lose to the nose-diving Bulldogs, because it's all about the hustle.
  • Tyler Smith is one of 30 finalists for the John r. Wooden Award.
  • Yeah, so fire up the fog machine this weekend because No. 1 prospect in the nation is visiting Tennessee. Um, just don't get your hopes up, Vol fans.
  • Hidden among all of the Kiffin hysteria is this juicy bit: at least some of the spring practices will be open. I can't tell whether that means open to fans or just open to the media, but either way, it's a positive sign, I think.



  • I should have just FanShotted this when I first came across it, but I wanted to bring extra attention to it. California Golden Blogs has completely reorganized college football -- with pictures!