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Talking points: Human Resources has rules, too? edition


  • The Lady Vols routed Alabama 80-61 last night. Shekinna Striklen suffered a scary injury, but it appears that it's not as severe as initially believed.
  • The men find themselves in a four-way tie for the SEC East and are therefore in control of their own destiny. Of course, we also have the toughest schedule of the four, so you know.
  • Former Vol QB Casey Clausen, who's coaching at Oaks Christian Academy in California, has some thoughts about a couple of sons of stars he's helping to rear: Nick Montana and Trevor Gretzky.
  • Dave Hooker has some thoughts on players waiting until after National Signing Day to sign with a school.
  • Sigh. That comment about Lane Kiffin firing somebody because he lost 25 minutes of valuable recruiting time waiting at the airport? Didn't quite happen that way. There is an explanation: he wanted to, he then did the Sports Illustrated interview, and he then had a meeting with HR, who told him "there were procedures." I'm guessing he got a lesson on the proper use of the term "running people off," too, which is none.
  • More on the Inky Johnson hire. You knew just from the headline Holly posted a few days ago that this was good news, but there are details on exactly why it's such good news.
  • Chris Low does an early breakdown of the Vols' 2009 football schedule.
  • I'm a couple of days late on this, but Holly has the Vol rallying cry: "Brothers and sisters, it’s time to relinquish the mantle of “the Michigan of the SEC”. Let’s see some hustle in here. Let’s see some fire in those dead eyes. Let’s see us trailing the Gators, the Tide, the Dawgs by thirty or more and screaming, “THAT ALL YEW GOT??” at their nearest fans."


  • Georgia defensive tackle Jeff Owens has his own blog. This is fantastic, and I would be happy to help any Tennessee players considering the same thing. Right up until we learn that doing so somehow violates the NCAA's Rules Against Having Harmless Fun.