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College Basketball BlogPoll Ballot - February 16

Week Two of the BlogPoll sees more stability at the top - though that's sure to change with UConn and Pitt meeting tonight - and more shakedown in spots 5-10.  Here's our vote for this week:

Rank Team Delta
1 Connecticut
2 Oklahoma
3 North Carolina
4 Pittsburgh
5 Memphis 6
6 Michigan St. 7
7 Wake Forest 1
8 Clemson 3
9 Villanova 3
10 Marquette 4
11 Louisville 4
12 Illinois 5
13 Arizona St. 6
14 Missouri 8
15 Duke 6
16 Gonzaga 4
17 Xavier 7
18 Kansas 2
19 Louisiana St. 2
20 Butler 5
21 UCLA 7
22 South Carolina 3
23 Washington
24 Dayton
25 Texas
Last week's ballot


Dropped Out: Utah St. (#18), Ohio St. (#23), Florida (#24).
Notes and analysis after the jump...

- Inside track on number one seeds:  UNC, Oklahoma, and the winner of UConn/Pitt.  After everyone kept losing again this week, suddenly Memphis is back in the top five.  I doubt they'll get that treatment from the selection committee again, so watch out for Michigan State.

- Clemson, Wake, Marquette, Louisville and Nova each lost once this week.  Nova gets the bump because they beat Marquette handily.

- Taking advantage this week:  Illinois, Arizona State (who beat UCLA) and Missouri (who beat Kansas).

- Two-time losers this week include Duke and UCLA, who accordingly take the biggest fall.  Xavier and Butler each lose in-conference, also keeping them from moving up, and Utah State suffered their second loss of the season against Boise State, effectively removing them from the Top 25.

- LSU is for real, kids.  The Tigers won a double overtime war against Mississippi State in a week where they moved to 9-1 in conference and continued to put a stranglehold on the rest of the SEC.  Don't forget that some of these kids were on the team that played in the 2006 Final Four.