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Talking points: Inspector Gadget plans a physical bump rule violation edition

  • Coming off of back-to-back double-digit wins, Tennessee heads to Ole Miss Wednesday and to Kentucky Saturday. By the way, Bruce Pearl referred to J.P. Prince as both Gumbi and Inspector Gadget due to the righteous stat line he and his innovative, spindly arms compiled against Vandy on Saturday.
  • I'll see you your fog machines and pretend press conferences and raise you a chance scholarship and commitment. Yeah, so did Nick Saban violate the "bump" rule when he obtained a commitment from Memphis wide receiver Keiwone Malone? It's Saban. It's Alabama. We're Tennessee. So . . . OF COURSE HE DID!
  • Lane Kiffin plans a physical spring, meaning none of this half-speed, pansy green jersey stuff. "We know so little about the players in our system and the only way to find that out is to play real football as much as we can,” Kiffin said Friday. "We need to find out who is on board and who we can count on. It is going to be too late to wait until the fall to find that out." Beware of depth issues, but good.
  • Because Kiffin is a busy man . . . GVX's Mattingly, who, when you use only his last name sounds like a sitcom butler, saves Kiffin 25 minutes (and perhaps himself a job) by penning a primer on Tennessee Tradition. Kiffin approves, but wonders whether you can get to KNEE-land Stadium without taking Phillip Fulmer Way.
  • Holly's got the wheel at this week because Orson, I suspect because he was already tiring of the whole "permanent-dwelling" thing, is vacationing. Last week's Corrections includes an edit of the roster of Kiffin staff casualties and new information regarding the fog machine infraction: Orgeron had merely "punched through the ground to the Earth's molten core." Likely still a violation of some rule or another, but there it is.
  • The Lady Vols play the Duke Blue Devils tonight, and guard Shekinna Stricklen will apparently play despite recently suffering a partial dislocation of her right patella.