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Talking Points: Lane Kiffin's No Basketball Player

Good morning!  The bright news is that you're already 20% of the way toward the weekend by the time you read this.  So, to while away an extra 0.16% of the workweek, here are the Talking Points of the morning.

  • We wish Miss Black the best with her graduation.  So Chante Black was stellar against the Lady Vols.  Again.  Thank goodness she's a senior and we can wish her farewell.  Next year, the Lady Vols will have the experience and the Lady Blue Devils will be replacing a boatload of seniors.  Graysnail provided a great writeup here, for which I am very grateful.  Me?  I made the game in a last-second decision and proudly wore a pink t-shirt.  No photos, unfortunately.
  • Yay for creative t-shirt handouts! If you missed the shots of the seats from the TV, you should really try to find them.  They did this alternating pink/white thing - much like when fans hold up flipboards - to greate some pretty cool pink ribbon designs among the fans.
  • The Kiffins are the crowd favorite.  At a timeout, they trotted out the football coaches.  To no surprise, Lane and Monte received the greatest applause.
  • There's a reason that Lane Kiffin and Mickey Dearstone don't coach basketball.  Both went 2/5 from the stripe in celebrity free throw shooting at halftime.  Kiffin's shots weren't too terrible (save one), but Mickey really ought to know where the rim is at - he's called enough games, after all.  And both of them shoot better than I do, so there's that.  Fortunately, Regal was kind enough to donate $10k to breast cancer research despite the slapstick routing on the court.
  • 'Tis the season for football player incidents.  Right about this time last year, Tennessee was holding its breath waiting for yet another infraction.  They're beginning to pile up, as Holly at EDSBS is busily noting while Orson is recovering.  Here's hoping that Kiffin's offseason workouts are leaving our boys too tired for free-time hijinks.
  • Woo! for the tennis guys.  Like most, I usually have too little idea of what's going on in the non-major sports at UT.  But men's tennis is 8th ranked and just beat top-ranked Ohio State.  Musta been that team speed...  (Unfortunately, they then lost to Virginia later on.)
  • ESS-EEE-SEE SPEEEEEEEEEED!!!  Sarah Bowman broke the UT record in the mile run at 4:35.25.  I think my best was somewhere around 7:30.  In other news, check out GVX's "Other Sports" index and marvel at just how many sports that UT is in the top 10 or so in standings.  If Stanford does have to draw down from their eleventy-billion sports, UT might have a real shot at the President's Cup/Trophy/Thingamabobby/Watchamacallit.