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Talking Points: STILL More on Recruiting Edition

Your talking points for the day:

  • Bryce Brown Bryce Brown Bryce Brown.  So, Bryce said he was very impressed with UT on his weekend visit, even referring to Lane as "one of the best offensive minds in football".  Honest praise or smooth-tongued tact?  Who knows, but we'll find out the real answers to the real questions next month.
  • Kwame Geathers Kwamer Geathers Kwame Geathers.  The Georgia native said he plans to announce his decision on Friday.  Tennessee is in the running; how does he feel about playing in a Monte D under Orgeron's tenacious D-line tutelage?
  • The federal guv'mint push for playoffs hangs around.  Ok, without opening up a partisan discussion, do you really want the people who brought you the wonderful entity we call the modern federal government to be the ones dictating the college football postseasonReally?
  • Kevin Stallings:  Good Guy for one night.  So yeah, the funky court of Vanderbilt was too much for Kentucky, again.  Vandy did what many others (including us) didn't; contain Meeks.  (Yes, holding him to 26 was containment; he was so silent for half the game that Lexington Police were filing paperwork to begin the search.)  Between that and Patterson's absence, we are now tied with South Carolina for the lead.  A win against Ole Miss would mean a lot right now.
  • Vicki Baugh's surgery is scheduled for next week.  This injury makes the score Right ACL 2 : Health 0.  It cannot be overstressed how much the Lady Vols miss her right now.  Best wishes, gal.
  • Swimming is meeting for their championships.  I don't know much about the swim team other than, like all UT sports, they're very competitive.
  • Learn more about Brown's Butler.  Props to samhitch for finding the CBSSports article on Bryce's handler.  He's a new dimension in the recruiting game; I really do hope that this is a positive trend to hit the recruiting game.