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Talking Points: Finally it's Friday

Minimilast me will now jump straight to the points without lead-in:

  • Time to grow up, Baby Vols.  The "Baby Vols", as some have come to term them, lost another game.  This time, they fell in Lexington to Kentucky (now at 14-12).  Bad news:  no guard play to be found anywhere on the team.  Good news:  as noted by Graysnail in the game thread, Kelly Cain had a very good night.  She and Fuller make a great combination, and may be key to getting things back on track for the Lady Vols.
  • Kwame Geathers to announce today.  The list of delayed commitments will shrink by one; the 4-star D-tackle is between Tennessee, Georgia and Central Florida, with the SEC schools thought to be the top two.  Who'll get him?  Who knows, but we could really use another DT, even if he may need a year for academics (rumor; nothing concrete).  Announcement expected around 1-2 PM EST.
  • Jake Heaps said he liked UT.  He's a well-spoken kid and he's doing everything right, so there's not much to read into the words.  However, UT is the only school this side of the Mississippi to get a visit from him, so there's that.  With a 2-year gap in QB recruiting and his familiarity with Kiffin's work at USC, you have to like the odds for a kid so far from Knoxville.  He plans on deciding ASAP, so we may hear from him before Bryce Brown...
  • Baseball gets underway today.  Opening pitch is here at UT at 4 PM if you're interested.  Oregon State won't be an easy one at all - yet another UT program that doesn't shy away from the tough nonconference games!
  • Never let Alabamans play with fire.  Give one a welding torch, and even their beloved temple stadium temple becomes a West Virginia couch on gameday.  (Nobody was hurt.)
  • Chism's not happy.  It's been a rough year, and they just received their mulligan Wednesday, thanks to Mississippi State.   But let's not do that on Saturday, k?
  • Pirate Leach ends siege on Port Lubbock.  Ok, so if you really look at the details, the problem with the contract wasn't Leach at all.  Whatever your opinion on Hamilton may be, he runs a far better athletic department than Tech, which was asking for some utterly ridiculous terms in the contract.  Tech fans' reaction?  Relief.  Fatigue, and relief that it's over.  (Video here.)
  • Obligatory Kiffin comment mention.  So it makes for a great headline if you say that Georgia is now on the ticked-at-Kiffin list.  Even if the article makes no connection between Kiffin's comments and Georgia whatsoever.  It's been covered extensively already; we've mentioned it now, too.  Back to interesting things.
  • Utterly random link for the day.  No fun if you peek at your little taskbar before clicking, but whatever.