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College Basketball BlogPoll Ballot - February 23

The top three teams on our ballot last week all went down this week, giving us a new number one, lots of lateral movement, and five Big East teams in the Top 10:

Rank Team Delta
1 Pittsburgh 3
2 Connecticut 1
3 Oklahoma 1
4 North Carolina 1
5 Memphis
6 Villanova 3
7 Clemson 1
8 Marquette 2
9 Louisville 2
10 Arizona St. 3
11 Missouri 3
12 Michigan St. 6
13 Duke 2
14 Wake Forest 7
15 Gonzaga 1
16 Kansas 2
17 Louisiana St. 2
18 Purdue
19 Illinois 7
20 Texas 5
21 West Virginia
22 Butler 2
23 Xavier 6
24 Florida St.
25 Utah
Last week's ballot


Dropped Out: UCLA (#21), South Carolina (#22), Washington (#23), Dayton (#24).
Notes and analysis after the jump...

- Are we being fair or unfair to Memphis?  I had the Tigers ranked fifth last week as well, and three teams ahead of them lost...but I'm still not sold on UM (that's right, we have to put the Tiger High jokes away until next year) being in the same class as the top four teams in this poll.  UConn and Oklahoma lost close games to ranked teams, and North Carolina lost in overtime.  For now, the Tigers hold.

- We say a big hello to Purdue, winners of four straight after losing back-to-back to kickoff the month.  Their 18 point win over Michigan State might've been the most impressive performance of the week, and the Big 10 could use some positive publicity after Illinois and Penn State tried to set basketball back several decades.

- Speaking of the need for positive publicity, LSU continues to carry the torch for the SEC, while the rest of the league feeds on its own mediocrity.