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Talking points: have we been here before edition?

  • Mike Strange helps Vol fans with their strange new position on the bubble. In short, it's a bit like football and the BCS (remember that?) in that we not only need to win our games, we need to keep an eye on other teams vying for the same limited slots. Here are our rooting interests this week: West Virginia over Cincinnati. Memphis over UAB. Dayton over Temple. UConn over Notre Dame. Butler to win the Horizon League Tournament. Gonzaga to win the West Coast Conference Tournament. Siena in the Metro Atlantic Tournament. You've got work to do. Get busy rooting.

  • QBs! QBs! QBs! David Reaves wants and expects Tennessee to have named a starting QB by the end of spring practice for continuity's and chemistry's sake. The reps will go to Jonathan Crompton, whose career clock is expiring and who is having to learn a third style of offense, Nick Stephens, and B.J. Coleman. Yes, that's in order of seniority and under the circumstances, I have no problem with it. And do not be surprised or upset if Crompton emerges as the starter.

  • The lines! The lines! The lines! Aaron Douglas is moving from tight end to tackle. Ed Orgeron is not only an iconic recruiter, he is the best defensive line coach Lane Kiffin's ever seen.

  • Vols win! Vols win! Vols win! Tennessee got out front and stayed out front of Mississippi State last night in a do or die back against the wall backed into a corner must maybe win game for an 81-76 victory. Woo. Yes, woo. Suddenly, the Vols are not only still twitching in the race for the SEC East, they are driving their own vehicle. Okay, yes, rough roads ahead and all that what with consecutive games at Florida and at South Carolina, but woo for the wheel. And wonder of wonders, we did it with guards. Scotty Hopson, who hit a career high in points, and Bobby Maze had excellent games and were the difference. Shoot, we might have won last night's game back on April 1, 2008, when Hopson signed with Tennessee instead of Mississippi State.
  • Highlight? No, not the grabbing of the wheel. Not the Hopson/Maze show. No, for this we turn to bobo_the_vol. You see, the game thread was freaky last night. Some folks were watching Raycom local. Some were doing the ESPN GamePlan thing. Some were watching or Yahoo! And then there was bobo. The Kentucky-South Carolina game went late, and Raycom, at least the Raycom on my television, rather than joining the Tennessee game in progress, just ran the tape delay. The online site went live on schedule. Or perhaps seconds or minutes late. So we were all wandering around the comment thread like it was one of the temporal displacement episodes of Lost, and on this night, the part of Desmond was played by bobo. All of us were out of sorts. We were all reacting to different plays, depending on which feed we were watching. Some had the game tied in single digits. Others had one team or another leading with both teams in double digits. And Bobo seemed to be fifteen minutes ahead of everybody. Hooper was suspicious. I pegged bobo as an Other. And then bobo found his Constant:


    Funny story. I’ll tell you later. I’m watching what you are now.

    by bobo_the_vol on Feb 25, 2009 9:30 PM EST reply reply actions actions 1 recs

    Yeah, bobo had been watching (and commenting on!) the Tennessee-Ole Miss game instead of the Tennessee-Mississippi State game. Treasure. Thanks for the laugh, bobo!