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SEC Basketball Live Game Thread: For Non-UT Games This Weekend

Kentucky's loss to LSU (73-70) puts the Vols back in control of their own destiny for the East. While a USC loss doesn't directly help the Vols' cause, it might provide some "fire insurance" should the Vols not sweep the rest of the season. [Note by hooper, 02/28/09 6:50 PM EST ]

South Carolina falls to Vanderbilt 96-83, which means the winner of tomorrow's Florida/Tennessee matchup will move into a first-place tie with the Gamecocks, and the loser will be at 8-6 with Kentucky and in bad shape all around. [Note by Will, 02/28/09, 11:14 PM EST]

Will pointed out so many SEC games this weekend that are relevant to UT's interests, I felt that it'd be good to have a place where we can leave comments on what we see. Beyond the ever-important wins and losses that will affect UT's conference standings, there are also scouting interests involved; we may see one (or more!) of these teams in the conference tournament, so it'd be good to have a feel for how they're playing at this point in the season.

So consider this thread as informal as its introduction. If you're watching any of the non-UT SEC games this weekend and have something to say, here's your spot. Likewise, if you're curious if any of us have any observations, this should serve as one-stop shopping. It likely won't be as busy as a Tennessee thread, but I would expect a few quips among the obsessed.

The games that Will pegged as most relevant are in bold print:

Saturday, February 28

  • LSU at Kentucky - 4:00 PM - CBS
  • Alabama at Ole Miss - 4:00 PM - ESPN360
  • Auburn at Miss. State - 6:00 PM - ESPN 360
  • South Carolina at Vanderbilt - 9:00 PM - ESPNU

I'll be studying at the library throughout most of the afternoon/evening, but I'll probably keep the LSU/UK tilt on 360, and may get some of the USC/Vandy game if things work out.