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National Signing Day Prep: The List of Names to Watch for Tennessee

I posted these in segments earlier for the sake of review, but here is the list of recruits on the proverbial radar for Tennessee.  I have the information updated as best as I know, but I haven't been able to keep up this weekend due to travels, but I'll keep editing them as I learn more.  So as you hear of names called out on National Signing Day, check here for quick links to their bios/Youtuberies/whatevers.

On National Signing Day, I plan on having a live thread (of sorts) open for discussion.  Basically, it'll be a thread where we can post the news as we learn it, and I'll do my best to get the updates added to the front matter of the thread as I can. 

Yes, stalking 18-year old football players is a little bit on the obsessive side, but it's only here once a year so dip your toes in the waters and have fun.  And now, the list...