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Pursuit of 1,000: Plans for the Lady Vols / Lady Dawgs

I meant to get up information on the Lady Vols game sooner, but National Signing Day stole away the time I had available over the last few days.  But I did want to make a few comments; hopefully this is enough advance notice for everybody.

I am going to the game (student ticket); it's not everyday you get to see a 1000th win.  I suspect a few of you are going (or are considering it) as well.  If you would like to get together - either at TBA or afterwards - we really should try to arrange something.  I'll go ahead and spoil the ending by dispelling any pretense of coolness that you think I may have.  I blog, for crying out loud.  But it'd be a lot of fun to catch up in person if you're up for it.

I have two ideas in my head.  First, we could arrange a method to meet at TBA (pregame, intermission, postgame, whatever).  Getting seats together is probably not a good option unless it's only students who are interested, we show up very early and meet outside.  So meeting at TBA would probably not be very interesting.  Second, we could arrange a postgame hangout.  I was thinking something boring like an IHOP, or somewhere any under-21 types would be welcome.  (Besides, I don't drink myself, and I tend to be a little bit awkward on compadres in such environments.)  A postgame meeting would also open up the possibility of having people come by who don't go to the game.

So if you're interested, email me at the address provided at the bottom of the website.  If there's any interest, we'll work out the details tomorrow.  (If there's no interest, that's no biggie either.  Just thought I'd offer.)