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3 things I learned at lunch: more chest-thumping from the Kiffin Recruiting Chimera

Stuff I heard on my iPod while eating lunch in my car, vaguely half remembered, probably incorrectly, un- fact-checked or otherwise verified, and probably just made up in between sips of aspartame.
  1. There was apparently a post-NSD recruiting party somewhere in Knoxville this morning with the Kiffin Recruiting Chimera and a bunch of fans. Kiffin told the crowd that Urban Meyer committed a secondary recruiting violation by calling Nu'Keese Richardson while he was on his official visit to Tennessee. Kiffin said something to the effect, "Florida was cheating, and they still couldn't beat us."
  2. Kiffin also gave credit to Lance Thompson for landing ten of the Alabama signees in last year's No. 1 class and for being responsible for about that many in this year's No. 1 class. Says Thomspon, "Nick Saban ain't gonna be getting any more of my guys."
  3. Lane Kiffin apparently does an outstanding impression of Ed Orgeron. Somebody please post video of this.