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3 things I learned at lunch: keeping up with Eric Berry

Stuff I heard on my iPod while eating lunch in my car, vaguely half remembered, probably incorrectly, un- fact-checked or otherwise verified, and probably just made up in between sips of aspartame.

  • Yes, the morning reports were full of stuff talking about how good the tempo at practice was yesterday, but to hear Dave Hooker and Drew Edwards rave about it is another matter. A+, they say. Really impressed, were they. Good start, first day.
  • No real news on the mysterious absence of Jacques McClendon. He was apparently at practice yesterday, but didn't get much time with either the ones or twos. Injury? Perhaps, but the whispers are that the coaches aren't happy with him for some reason. Hmm.
  • Nick Reveiz is apparently taking a page out of the Kiffin Manual and taking on the top dog right out of the gate, trying to beat Eric Berry in a race to the next drill area each and every time. Berry rolled him -- each and every time -- but SPUNK IS CRUNK!

And yeah, nobody's talking about basketball. Oh, and bonus: There is a Facebook Fan Page for Drew Edwards, so woo for Drew. Ain't he adorable!