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UT Pro Day Results: Whaaaa---?

Ok, look.  This is going to come off like a bash-the-previous-administration post, but do know that I simply don't go that route.  Still, when you see something that startles you this much, you just have to say something.

Update:  GVX has also posted info on O-linemen Parker and Foster, including Parker's 5.08-40.  That's moving pretty quickly for a big guy.

UT's Pro Day was today, and is the last opportunity for any of the departing seniors to make an impression on NFL scouts in hopes of getting picked up - either in the draft or as an undrafted free agent (UFA).  GVX has a writeup on the event, and it was reading through that particular piece that made my jaw hit the floor.  Multiple times.

Robert Ayers

By now, nothing is surprising about Ayers having success.  He had a stellar combine and he was the Senior Bowl's Defensive MVP.  Add that to his monster season, and a first round pick seemed likely before the day began.  Yet Ayers decided to work out one more time, which may have risked more to lose than to gain.

Still, his willingness to work out again and do everything the scouts asked impressed them.  Again.  One of the more intriguing stories is that some 3-4 defenses are looking at him as a possible outside linebacker.  Hey, any possibility is a good possibility, and I hope he gets a great fit.

Now for the odd reports:

Lucas Taylor

To the point:  Lucas Taylor ran a 4.36-40, jumped 36 inches and benched 14 reps.  The 14 reps is up from the two he was doing a mere seven weeks earlier.  Where in the world did this kid get a 4.36 in the 40?  I mean, I have no problem with him whatsoever, but I can't ever remember hearing Taylor synonymous with speed.  In addition to the 0.1-second time-shaving, he has gained 11 pounds, which will help with any durability arguments. 


Josh Briscoe

Again, another guy I have no problem with and hope has an NFL future also ran a 4.3-40.  I don't ever remember hearing anything about Briscoe as a burner, either.  Why was it that only Moore seemed to be a deep threat last year - and that in the second half of the season?


Ellix Wilson ran a 4.61-40, jumped 32 inches and benched 23 reps.  Adam Myers-White ran a 4.58, jumped 32 inches and benched 15 times.  His explanation for his improved performance?  "Stopped partying and everything."  Ah.

In conclusion, it's obligatory to say that the physical metrics only mean as much as the players are willing to enforce them on the field of play.  Still, I never heard of our receivers running sub-4.4 times at all last year.  I'm a bit at a loss on the whole thing, really.

(And again, I'm not bashing anybody.  But I wouldn't mind an honest dialogue.)