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Talking points: the SEC Tourney looms edition

Tennessee basketball

  • The Vols enjoy a bye for the opening of the SEC Tournament in Tampa today. This tourney is one aspect of Tennessee's recent historical basketball curse that has proven immune to the healing touch of Bruce Pearl. Up until last year, the team hadn't even advanced to the weekend for 13 years. Even last year, when we made the semis, it was only to suffer an upset loss to Arkansas. Is this the year we'll see some success in the tournament? Stay tuned. We'll play the winner of Vandy-Alabama tomorrow night. Each tourney win could mean a half-seed higher in the NCAA Tournament.

Tennessee football

  • The top cornerback in the nation, Lamarcus Joyner from Fort Lauderdale, has "knocked Tennessee to the curb" after receiving an offer from Southern Cal.
  • Who needs Orson Charles when 6'8", 250-pound tight end Brian Vogler is in the next crop of recruits?
  • Hmm. Arian Foster was not with his former teammates doing the Pro Day thing at Tennessee yesterday. He's going to do it later in California. Veek! Interpret as you see fit.
  • Lane Kiffin has identified the offensive line as the weak link on the team, and Vlad Richard wants to do something about it. So does Cody Pope.
  • The QBs and WRs are trying to develop some much-needed chemistry. It's not that there wasn't chemistry last year, it's just that it was the kind that disintegrates the high school biology lab and gets Mr. C terminated post-haste.
  • The Google of Football's defensive scheme calls for a nose guard and a defensive tackle instead of a right and left defensive tackle. Big Dan Williams will be the nose guy this year, most likely, which means he'll be lining up off one of the center's shoulders instead of opposite the offensive guard. Through the magic of Monte's contextual advertising, this Talking Point wishes to remind you that you can Protect your Broken or Injured Nose, Stay Active! Quick Shipping! by visiting

Lady Vols basketball