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Play the RTT March Madness Bracket Challenge

[Note by Joel, 03/16/09 3:34 PM EDT ] Now featuring the correct link to the RTT Bracket Challenge!


Change in plans, y'all. For a couple of reasons, I'm throwing a curve. Rather than use Yahoo! for our NCAA Bracket Challenge this year, I've decided to go ahead and use Fun Office Pools again. They have a great setup, and their personalized service is first rate. So in advance of the bracket being announced this evening, go sign up for the Rocky Top Talk March Madness Bracket Challenge at Fun Office Pools.

If you're still interested in trying to win $10,000 or $1M, you can still sign up for the RTT Yahoo! pool, too. Shoot, I'll probably play both just for fun, but right now the intent is to monitor only the Fun Office Pools results on RTT.

Hopefully, anyone who played the College Football Pick 'Em Game in the fall will be getting an email notice to join the Bracket Challenge, but don't wait for that.

Go join the RTT March Madness Bracket Challenge and get ready to play.

What's on tap for today here at RTT:

  • Game thread for the SEC Tournament Championship against Mississippi State will go live at noon.
  • Open thread for Selection Sunday and the announcement of the bracket at 6:00 p.m. will go live promptly after the game.
  • Other stuff? Perhaps, depending on everyone's availability. Probably nothing else from me due to severe time restraints.

And expect plenty of reminders to play RTT March Madness Bracket Challenge. Invite all of your friends!