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Selection Sunday open thread

[Note by Joel, 03/15/09 6:29 PM EDT ] Tennessee is a No. 9 seed (yikes!) and will take on No. 8 seed Oklahoma State in Dayton, Ohio on Friday. Win that and they face No. 1 Pitt. Nice.

[Note by Will, 03/15/09 10:56 PM EDT] Call in sick now:  the Vols play at 12:25 PM EDT on Friday.

Deep breath. The confusion and disappointment of the SEC Tournament Championship game is over, and now, even though it hasn't been all that long, it's time to put it behind us and focus on what really matters in basketball: the NCAA Tournament Bracket.

This here's your Selection Sunday open thread. Talk all you want before, but the real action starts at 6:00 EST when they start announcing the teams. See you then.

And remember, go sign up to play the RTT March Madness Bracket Challenge.