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NCAA Women's Selection Open Thread

Ok, now that we have the men's selection out of the way, we know that the NCAA committee officially hates the men's team.  A #9 seed was the lowest possible defensible seed for them to be placed, and most projectiones were hovering around the 6 to 7 mark.  But enough of that for this thread.

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Time:  7 PM EST


Internet TV:  ESPN360

Now it's time to focus on the Lady Vols.  A quick reminder of the resume:

  • Record:  22-10
  • OOC:  13-5
  • Strength of Schedule:  #1
  • RPI:  #9
  • Key Wins:  Stanford, Vanderbilt, Florida, DePaul, Mississippi State
  • Key Losses:  Duke, Virginia, Texas, Auburn

All signs point to a 5-6 seed for the Lady Vols.  Either would be the lowest ever for the program, but the #6 seed might be a bit preferrable; three of the #1 teams really do appear to be in their own class this year (UConn, Oklahoma, and Maryland).  If our Ladies do get stuck in one of those three brackets, I'd rather have it as an Elite Eight matchup than a Sweet Sixteen game.