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More details on the Crunk Incident, courtesy of Brian Vogler, who was in attendance for Tennessee's Junior Day:

At first, it was just coaches talking to us and our parents, sort of getting a little bit boring. Then they separated players from parents. And the second they split us up, it just got intense. We had a team meeting, coach Kiffin came up and started talking. He calls on coach Gran, and he's really putting emphasis on how important special teams is, and the assistant special teams coach is up there with him. He starts yelling something, rips off his shirt and two other coaches come down with shirts off. It was crazy! Coaches were telling us to get up, and everybody sort of stands up and claps. They said they were going to give us another chance at this.

They walked out of the room, turned out the lights and two coaches came running in, some UT players joined in with him. They didn't take their shirts off, but all the players and recruits ran down from their chairs onto the stage and just started getting crunk. Everybody got in a big circle and it was like before a game, everybody shouting "UT! UT!"

We still don't know if these guys can coach or win games, but it is becoming increasingly clear that they will continue to be interesting. I mean, can you imagine this happening on the sideline during a Florida game at Neyland Stadium? The crowd might actually become electric again. Those cheering on and adding to the bootstrapped enthusiasm might actually drown out the tsk-tsking of the sundress and down in front crowd. The players might actually dance and skip and sprint onto the field in anticipation of something fantastic happening.

During yesterday's Tennessee-Florida game thread, hooper floated the idea of a shout off between Ed Orgeron and Bruce Pearl. What a fantastic idea, right? Why? Because a few of the first ten things Vol fans love about Pearl have to include his Gamma Radiation Game, after which he ripped his shirt off in the locker room, and his commandeering of cafeteria tables as podiums for his impromptu publicity campaigns. He brought energy and enthusiasm and excitement -- anticipation -- back to a mostly dead program.

Can you imagine six Bruce Pearl clones -- it's not just Orgeron, apparently -- standing on tables all over campus pumping life back into Tennessee football? I can, and it's making me want to rip off my Van Heusen Wrinkle Free RIGHT NOW!

Woo for "just started getting crunk!"