Is this the worst year EVER to be a Tennessee fan?

XRay makes some good observations about this perfect storm of Tennessee sports.  It appears we have truly eclipsed TSOWWDNS.  (Of course, the Lady Vols Track and Field did win the indoor national championship this year...)  [Note by hooper, 03/23/09 7:02 AM EDT ]

I haven't said, well anything really this year, mostly because my job and other aspects of my life haven't really afforded me the time to, and so what if I only get a couple hours of sleep tonight, but I have to say something now.

It seems to me, with only two exceptions, that this is the worst year EVER to be a UT fan. I know I have been the butt of more ridicule by friends and co-workers this year than I ever have been in the last 15 years. I can only anticipate the jeers I'll have to endure tomorrow. Even though all of my colleagues are fans of  S.Carolina, Clemson, Georgia, and Auburn, I still have never had to defend myself this much as I can remember.  I know everybody has down years but this is ridiculous.


When it comes to the three big sports of our school, being football, basketball and baseball, we have but one bright spot. Our men's basketball team should've been a lot better than they were. Yeah, we won the East, barely and not really, I mean we had to share it with S. Carolina, and got bounced by an Okie St. team that should never had been in the game to begin with. Why was it that J.P. Prince and Scotty Hopson were the only guys with balls enough to go to the hole? Our women's team was without argument the worst we've EVER had. First EVER loss in the first round. These women NEVER found their heart. Except maybe against Rutgers, but that's about it. And I think that really describes both basketball teams. No heart. No hustle. Not when it mattered. Not when it needed to be there. I have never seen a group of athletes at UT that had so much potential and let it go to waste so easily than these two teams. I could be wrong, and if so please let me know, but that's how I see it.

I don't even want to talk about baseball. Suffice it to say, they are also squandering a bunch of talent in a BIG way. Just like our basketball teams, they also can't play defense. Yeeesh.

No heart. No defense. No hustle. No real accomplishments.  5-7 (of course defense was the only real bright spot to this year's feetball team, so...) 1st round - out.  1st round - out. Without a miracle, no CWS -  again.

The only bright spots we have this year is the new feetball coaching staff and the unbelievable job those guys are doing recruiting and preparing our team for their system and a new era of Tennessee Feetball. Reading what the players have been saying and doing is giving me a lot of hope for this upcoming team. I think we may be a lot better than most people expect.  The other bright spot we have, and I'm sure none of you really care, but our men's Tennis team may just win a National Championship this year. Those guys are playing out of their minds so far this year. Beating teams ranked higher than us almost every week. These guys are GOOD. Look it up. As far as the other obscure teams go, I'm not really sure. I think our swmming and volleyball teams are good but I don't know those numbers right now.

I have a lot of hope for next year. I think our basketball teams will be much improved, given that Tyler and Wayne come back. Not too sure about the baseball team, we'll see. Like I said, the feetball team should be better than we all think, and that's great.

But, and I don't know about you, this is a year of UT sports that I will try to forget as soon as possible. With any luck, and some serious off-season work, I'll never have to write this opinion again.

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