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Talking points: who's doing what where and when edition

  • Yeah, so there is no depth chart and yeah, Bryce Brown and David Oku are both on their way, but Montario Hardesty intends to start. Funny that there is no way that he wouldn't have (barring injuries) had there been no coaching change due to the seniority rule. He's not disappointed, though, as he thinks the competition is a good thing.
  • Brent Vinson is determined to show a new level of dedication ($) this season. Yes, we've heard that before, but we can still hope he means it this time.
  • Monte Kiffin's T2 defense places a premium on a middle linebacker with more quickness than size, someone like say, Nick Reveiz ($). 
  • Kiffin and staff spent much of spring break going over tape of the first few spring practices. Don't be surprised to see some new players at new positions beginning today. And don't be surprised if we still don't know who the starters are after spring practice.
  • Inside Tennessee's Randy Moore has the blueprint for how Bruce Pearl can get his team back on track ($) next season: pick up the pace, find a point guard who can dish out assists as well as protect the ball, find a post presence, and find some more shooters.
  • A Columbia, South Carolina newspaper is reporting that former UT defensive line coach Dan Brooks has been hired at South Carolina Clemson.