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Talking Points - Wet Ball Drill

- Rico McCoy enters boundless optimism mode (KNS):

“I was like, ‘Oooh, coach is talking trash,’ ” McCoy said. “But after we started the workouts, I’m like, ‘Hell yeah, coach.’ I know we’re going to be in the best shape, and we’re going to have the best coaching. Say whatever you want. We’re going to play ball. I feel like we ought to be able to beat anybody.”

- Also, the absence of the Fulmerizer on the practice field has allowed McCoy and others to speak their minds more freely...from the same article:

“If he’s confident in this team and wants to talk some trash, we’ll back him. We back him 100 percent. I don’t have a problem with it,” McCoy said. “The team doesn’t have a problem with it because we know we’re working our (FULMERIZED) off. ...We’re not allowed to do stuff like that, but (FULMERIZED), we’ll back you. We’re here for you, coach. Go ahead, do what you want. We’re working our (TRIPLE FULMERIZED) off, we’re going to be ready come the season for anything. That’s how we feel.”

- Nick Stephens, sans cast.  He's throwing, though starting right now with only short passes to the backs.  Stephens says the plan is to be back to full speed at the start of next week's practices (the Vols are going Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday for the next four weeks), which is a quicker-than-expected recovery and should still keep him very much in the QB battle.

- takes a look at ten teams that could pull "The Tennessee" in 2009, taking lofty preseason expectations and turning them into a decidedly down year.

- Bernard King fought off a near stroke to appear at the Knicks' legends ceremony on Monday night.

- Once again, Kentucky is the last SEC team still playing.  After South Carolina fell to Davidson in Columbia in the NIT first round, Auburn and Florida both lost home games last night in the quarterfinals (to Baylor and Penn State, respectively).  The only certainty Billy Gillispie knows is to keep winning, so the Cats head to South Bend tonight, winner goes to Madison Square Garden.  It would suit Alabama just fine if UK kept winning, as the Tide try to lock up their new coach before Kentucky gets in the same business.  VCU's Anthony Grant is expected to be offered the position in Tuscaloosa.