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GoVolsXtra Feed Reader: You Make The Call

Like most bloggers (and probably most RTT members in general) my feed reader is waaay to full to be entirely practical; I get by with scanning headlines and half-ledes for most articles just to make sure I'm not missing something too important, but I probably read about a quarter to a third of all incoming feeds. (That may be generous, but I'm not sure since I do read some that I don't click within the reader, thereby throwing off the stats.)

But I don't like to eliminate feeds if I don't have to. Even a list of article titles is generally useful. That's why I like to have a consultation before lopping a branch off my feed tree.

And then, courtesy of GVX, this comes along:


Ok, look. I actually have no problem with GVX. They work very hard and put out a pretty good product. You can't expect a local news agency to operate like ESPN; it's totally unrealistic. Besides, they're actually pretty good about incorporating audience feedback and trying to self-improve. Kudos to them.

But seriously, this is going to be in my feed reader? My main repository for news articles - and that? Having a news feed routed through Twitter is dubious enough; getting actual Tweets through it is an absolute no-go.

So I leave it to you. Keeping in mind that I will still read GVX and that I don't bear any actual animosity toward them: