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Johnny Majors in the house. That Neyland Built. And that Fulmer has vacated.

Yeah, so Johnny Majors, who's never forgiven Phillip Fulmer and likely never will, actually found his way into a practice meeting and onto the practice field after 17 years of staying away. Not surprisingly, Majors praised everything about the practice, including the tempo, the energy, the effort, the attitude, and the fact that Fulmer wasn't there.

Okay, I made that last part up, but you know he was thinking it. Look, I think it's good that Majors is back in the fold. I've really appreciated Mike Hamilton and Bruce Pearl being able to repair rifts between the basketball program and former players. And yeah, it's way too early to have Fulmer attending practice or anything like that. Years down the road, yes. This week? This year? No.

But I found the unilateral public animosity from Majors throughout Fulmer's tenure very disappointing, and I can't help empathizing with Fulmer over this story. To his credit, Fulmer is still displaying his characteristic class by opening his mouth only to say positive things or by simply remaining silent.

The reaction to this news seems to me to be overwhelmingly positive, but for some reason, it's nagging at me. What do y'all think?