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Talking points: Lane Kiffin is calming babies edition

Tennessee football

  • Yes, RTTers, we now have fully licensed access to AP pictures and a fantastic tool integrating them into the platform to make things easy for us. Woo for the tech and exec team. As of right now, though, the selection is a bit limited, thus the pic for the Match Made in Hell item below.
  • Lane Kiffin's Chalk Talk and meet and greet with fans at the Texas Roadhouse last night was apparently a huge success and even featured Kiffin calming babies. Okay. A few highlights: Kiffin said Bryce Brown is the best high school tailback he and Orgeron have seen since Reggie Bush. ... The coaching staff is using Brown as a domino to get noticed by other VHTs across the nation. ... DT Montori Hughes is the "surprise of camp." ... Kiffin gave his staff the day off on Sunday, and they used it to rewatch Saturday's scrimmage video for seven hours.
  • I know what you like. Tight ends Luke Stocker and Jeff Cottam are trying to get the coaching staff's attention, and the way to get noticed by this staff is to hit somebody ($).
  • That pass was half-caught. While we have heard the staff praise Jonathan Crompton for his performance in last Saturday's scrimmage, we hadn't heard much about B.J. Coleman's, who had "some" of his throws tipped and "several more" "miss the mark." As always, though, Coleman is staying positively optimistic ($) and saying the next scrimmage will be different.
  • Stacked, but a bit unsettled. Eric Berry's starting at strong safety. After that, maybe Morley, Vinson, and Rogan, if Morley and Vinson can keep their heads attached, and Rodriguez Wilks will be backing Berry up
  • Answered (?) and asked (?). This article by Volquest ($) suggests that linebacker and offensive line are replacing quarterback and defensive tackle as the spring's most serious question marks. Why? Because Crompton looks fine, and Wes Brown and Hughes are going to be fine at the defensive tackle spot next to Sorta Big Dan Williams. On the other hand, the o-line hasn't been able to block defensive end Chris Walker and apart from Rico McCoy, who's learning a new position, there's nothing but newness at LB.
  • Once again, Quintin Hancock is having a good spring, having caught two TD passes on the last two plays of Saturday's scrimmage, the second an impressive catch while on his knees. Still, besides Gerald Jones and perhaps Denarius Moore, nobody knows who's going to get on the field at WR ($).


  • A match made in hell. John Pennington thinks John Calipari and Kentucky make a perfect sleazy marriage, what with Cal talking like he's going to take many of his recruits and/or players with him to Kentucky and Kentucky AD Mitch Barnhart first talking to Cal and then asking Memphis for permission to do so. Maybe so, but two of the biggest Tennessee basketball games the past two years came against Memphis and coach Cal. Just think what will happen if he really ends up there. At least twice as many games, and with Pearl in the Orange Jacket to boot. That should be fun. For what it's worth, ESPN is reporting that Cal is sleeping on UK's offer.
  • Florida guard Nick Calathes is declaring for the NBA draft but will not get an agent so he can back out if he wants to.