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Tennessee Volunteers vs. Alabama Crimson Tide: open game thread

Tennessee Logo

March 8, 2009
12:00 EST
Internet TV: CBSSports
Radio: Vol Network
Phone Broadcast: TeamLine
Live Stats:

Alabama logo
19-10 (10-5)
NR (USA Today)
16-13 (6-9)
NR (USA Today)
Jackson the Mule says . . .
Jackson the Mule Logo
. . . welcome home, guys. Nice season. Keep your focus and handle the swagger responsibly. Today, you work on consistency. Then you do your laundry and re-pack, because the real season begins this week and the week after that. Do not get overconfident. Do not lose your focus. Listen to your coach and play as a team. This is it. The time is now. I'm going to go lay down now because that was a lot of words for a mule. Go get 'em. While I rest.

Leave your pre-, in-, and post-game thoughts below.

Go Vols! Hulk smash Tide!