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Announcing the RTT Yahoo! NCAA Bracket Tourney Pick 'Em '09 challenge

Man, we need a better name for that. Now soliciting ideas.

We've set up our very own group over at Yahoo! for this year's Tourney Pick 'Em '09. Yeah, we're a bit early, but heck, we could be posting next year's announcement today and still not make up for all of the times we've been late posting stuff on this site, so . . . you know.

Yeah, you can't fill out a bracket yet (unless you're Bobo the Time Traveler), but you can head on over and join the group, which I have creatively named Rocky Top Talk. Right now, I have the thing set up to allow each person to submit five different brackets. My initial reaction to that option was to limit it to just one, but then I read that there's a million dollars out there for anyone who picks all 63 games correctly, and I'm pretty certain that I can nail that in five attempts. The lucky person who has the best score out of all of the Yahoo! brackets gets $10k, so woo for the chick in cubicle four who has no idea where the Tar Heels are located but loves their baby blues.

So yeah, go join the group.