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Talking Points: Halfway Through Spring Practice

UPDATE:  Now that April Fool's is past, please note that the "Continue reading this post" link is a fake.  There is nothing more to this post than what you see on your screen.  [Note by hooper, 04/02/09 10:16 AM EDT ]

Your morning talking points.  Enjoy!

  • Spring Practice is halfway over.  That means that in a few very short days, Lane Kiffin's very first Orange and White Game will be upon us.  I haven't found definite numbers on ticket availability, but they're going very fast.  I'm beginning to worry about whether my student ID will be reliable.  The offense got the better of the defense on Tuesday, which is good news (I think).
  • EXPECT AN ANNOUNCEMENT SHORTLY  We are still trying to not bonk our heads when we huddle up to discuss the Orange and White game.  We're going to plan some kind of get-together, even if it devolves into me and the Mrs. at the Panera.  I know a lot of you will be at the game too; we'll work something out.  And if you have any ideas/suggestions, feel free to email me at the addy provided at the bottom of the website.
  • Nick Stephens is practicing again.  The wrist has healed enough to take a few snaps.  He's going to have to work fast, though; Kiffin increased the number of reps for Crompton.  All in all, it sounds like the quarterbacks are working harder at trying to beat each other for the starting gig, rather than trying to figure out which way is up.  Definite improvement, that.
  • Speaking of QBs, Gerald Jones doesn't feel as much need to be one this year.  Evidently, a lot of his desire for the G-Gun was due to a lack of confidence by the quarterbacks. ($)  I'm not one for piling onto the Clawfense anymore (it's dead already), but if it helps the players build confidence for the coming year by attributing last year to the scheme, then by all means let them.
  • Yes, John Calipari is now coaching for Kentucky.  Same blue, different compass direction.  Two for the price of one.  And a door.


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