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The Orange and White Game: Our Plans

Having spent the last week considering all possibilities and all logistics, including walking time, event scheduling, food/water needs, sun exposure, I-40 construction, phase of the moon, yadayada, we have come up with the following bulletproof itinerary for the RTT gathering at the O&W game:

  • 2:00 PM in front of Gate 21

And that's it.  The Vol Walk is at 1:30 or 1:45 PM (depending on your news source) and the game is at 3:00.  As best as I can tell, they're going to open up the gates shortly after the team is safely tucked away in their locker rooms, so a 2:00ish gathering seems to time out very well.  Gate 21 is the most recognizable gate, is the gate that the team will enter through, and is the most beloved gate of a certain other Volblogger, so it should be very easy to remember.  Once we round up everybody that we expect, we'll head in and find some seats.


The front of Neyland will never look like this again.

The current list of RTT gatherees consists of myself, Joel, wshelton2, and voljunkie.  If anybody else decides to add to the list, feel free; just leave a comment so we know to expect you.

In our estimation, the most important thing was to keep the whole day convenient.  It's a beautiful spring day and it's only a scrimmage; there's not a lot of need to go overboard.  This plan allows everybody to decide for themselves how to handle the autograph time and the Vol Walk, and doesn't commit anybody to any post-game plans.