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Talking points: The T-2 is FULL OF LIES!

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  • Two more practices and a scrimmage, and some spots are still up in the air. Both corners and free safety are unsettled in the secondary. Two of three LB spots are still up for grabs, and along the offensive line, folks are still moving around to different positions. Left tackle Chris Scott and guards Vladimir Richard and Jacques McClendon all appear to be part of whatever that line ends up looking like, but Josh McNeil is still in a fight for the starting center position with Cody Sullins. Right tackle is wide open, and could be filled by Cody Pope, Jarrod Shaw, William Brimfield, Aaron Douglas, or Dallas Thomas.
  • WRs. Gerald Jones is probably entrenched at one of the starting positions. After that, most of the talk is about Quintin Hancock, Austin Rogers, and Denarius Moore. Brandon Warren has his number back and is getting some attention, and the coaches say that he is "making progress" on the mental aspect of the position, but you have to wonder why, if that's the case, that's the thing they choose to say when asked about Warren.
  • One of the best things about the T-2? It's full of lies. Eric Berry:
    It's hard to tell because of our disguises. A lot of teams probably won't be able to determine where the blitz is coming from ... or if we're blitzing at all. It's how we display our defense.
  • The QB play in 2008 was bad, but it wasn't the worst ever, according to Inside Tennessee's Randy Moore. That distinction goes to 1971, when Phil Pierce, Dennis Chadwick, Chip Howard, and Jim Maxwell went 71-179 (39.7%) for 951 yards with 16 INTs and three -- 3! -- touchdowns. Somehow, the team finished 10-2, though, so . . . wow. Moore gave second place to 1980 and dishonorable mention to 2005.
  • There is growing evidence that this team might actually have a killer instinct -- or at least it's being taught to have one. Offensive coordinator Jim Chaney says that the game plan will -- gasp! -- change on a weekly basis depending on the opponent's weakest link. Somebody remind us of this when we lose a game doing something different from what worked the prior week. Other new things: No hanging out in the weight room. Players have to wear matching gear and no jewelry, iPods, or hats. Don't expect an illusion this Saturday for the Orange and White Game like we were treated to last season. It may in fact be ugly for the offense, but remember that the offense didn't look all that bad in the O&W Game a year ago.
  • This quote from Gerald Jones might explain the height of futility last year:
    This time last year, we were still making mistakes all around. The receivers didn't know where to go. The quarterback didn't know where to throw the ball, and the linemen didn't know who to block.

    This sentiment came out in the media only as an "It's complicated" quote from one of the players.