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In search of the Volscars' Bruce Pearl rap scene

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The Volscars sound like incredible fun. Bobby Maze made an appearance to do his Put On for Tennessee, and then Renaldo Woolridge piped up with a portion of his Facebook BallerVols rap.

And then . . . and then Bruce Pearl appeared from behind a purple curtain, "dressed in an orange-and-white checkered jacket with sunglasses, a large silver necklace and a street-wise strut." First one to find and post that video gains the esteem of his colleagues. Go! Find!

[Note by Joel, 04/14/09 9:05 AM EDT ] And here it is (chest bump to raynoch46):

The line of the evening apparently belonged to Dane Bradshaw, who created a new award for Best Halftime Adjustment:

After allowing Kentucky's Jodie Meeks to score 26 points in the first half, the team went to work and made adjustments and held him to 28 in the second half.


Vladimir Richard apparently did a skit where he was some UT enforcement officer or something and tackled a secretary for not following protocol in remedying a paper jam.

Lane and Monte Kiffin performed a skit in which Lane drew up a play on the whiteboard and Monte made the defensive adjustments while Lane wasn't looking, foiling the whole thing, which fans are hoping is an accurate description of what's happening on the practice field.