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Orange & White Game Rebroadcast Open Thread

Well, we can't exactly call it a "live" thread and we certainly don't expect the kind of enthusiastic anticipation you get with a real game.  However, this is your chance to give your opinions of the Orange and White game as it is rebroadcast on SportsSouth at 8 PM on Sunday, April 19th.

Prior to watching the game, here is some helpful reading:

  • GVX has the entire play-by-play listed.  This is good to have available so you know where to watch on the next play.
  • The offense was supposed to win.  Understand why, and understand that the game is anything but an actual competition as we understand it.
  • Paylinks:  Both Rivals and Scout note that the teams were restrained.
  • Side dish:  Voljunkie has a great writeup on the autograph session at Haslam Field.
  • Vol Walk:  Kiffin said that he's "never seen anything like that".  It was a very robust atmosphere, with about as much order and dignity as an Argentinian soccer match, but without the all-out rioting.

If you haven't seen it yet and are planning on watching the rebroadcast, just remember that it's not a game in the truest sense of the word.  Both the offense and defense were highly restricted in terms of the playcalling.  But still, you can get a sense of individuals in the game.  Who is playing well?  Who's lagging?  Who are the real beasts?

It's also your last Volunteer football fix for many months.  Make the best of it!